PLAIN PACK is an full-stack music agency based out of Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.

PLAIN PACK as a music agency specializes in growing indie pop/r&b artists in Southeast Asia and beyond, with a core emphasis on releasing quality music, with quality people. We assist in matters ranging from songwriting and production, to A&R, marketing, distribution, consultancy, and more. 

Select management clients past and present include NYK (Ultra Records), lullaboy, Narelle (Sony Music Entertainment), JAIE, a kid named rufus, Shelhiel (ex-Sony Music China), Ffion (ex-Warner Records), and more. So far, we have been responsible for over 250m+ streams, globally, with a release catalogue of over 200 songs to date.  

Other marketing, consultancy, and distribution projects include G.E.M., Nana Ouyang (Sony Music China), Lil Ghost小鬼 (Gramarie Entertainment), brb. and Jimmy Brown, Lunadira & Airliftz (TONGTONG Asia), Emir Hermono & A. Nayaka, oceanfromtheblue (via Shelhiel), RESORT, and more. 

Recent corporate clients include Panasonic, Subway, Atome, Vaynermedia, Pizza Hut, and Sony Music China, among others. 

Contact mgmt[@]plainpack.co for inquiries.